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HVAC Centerton, AR

Welcome to Kramer & Co. Mechanical, your trusted HVAC partner serving Centerton, Arkansas. With a commitment to delivering top-notch heating, cooling, and air quality solutions, we are dedicated to keeping your indoor environment comfortable and healthy in Centerton.

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Air Conditioning

Centerton's warm climate demands effective air conditioning. At Kramer & Co. Mechanical, we provide customized air conditioning solutions to ensure your comfort year-round. Our expertise includes AC installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance, all designed to keep your indoor space cool and inviting.

AC Install & Replacement

For reliable AC installation and replacement services in Centerton, rely on Kramer & Co. Mechanical. Our experienced team ensures seamless installations and replacements, optimizing your cooling efficiency and ensuring your indoor comfort.

AC Repair & Maintenance

Don't let a malfunctioning AC disrupt your peace. Our AC repair and maintenance services in Centerton keep your system running smoothly. From addressing issues promptly to routine upkeep, we prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Mini Split Installation & Repair

Discover the benefits of mini-split systems with our installation and repair services in Centerton. These systems offer zoned cooling and energy efficiency. Trust Kramer & Co. Mechanical to ensure your mini split operates flawlessly.

Indoor Air Quality Test

Indoor air quality is crucial for your well-being. Our indoor air quality tests assess pollutants and allergens, ensuring a healthier environment for you and your loved ones in Centerton. Kramer & Co. Mechanical helps you breathe cleaner air.


Stay warm during colder months with our efficient heating solutions. At Kramer & Co. Mechanical, we're committed to providing reliable heating services to keep you cozy indoors.

Heating/Furnace Repair & Maintenance

When your furnace needs attention, our Centerton heating repair and maintenance services are here to help. We ensure your heating system operates effectively, from prompt repairs to routine check-ups.

Heater Install & Replacement

For heater installation and replacement in Centerton, trust Kramer & Co. Mechanical. Our skilled technicians ensure your new heater is set up for optimal performance, keeping your indoor space warm and inviting.

Heat Pump Repair & Install

Experience efficient heating with our heat pump repair and installation services in Centerton. Our team ensures your heat pump operates flawlessly, providing reliable warmth for your home.

Kramer & Co. Mechanical is your go-to HVAC partner in Centerton, AR. Contact us today to experience our commitment to your comfort, no matter the season.

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Places of Interest

Centerton, AR: A Hidden Gem of Natural State

Nestled comfortably in the heart of the Natural State, Centerton, Arkansas boasts a unique blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences. Surrounded by lush green landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Centerton offers its visitors an authentic Arkansas experience. From scenic parks to cozy accommodations, this town is packed full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Places to Stay:

  1. Centerton Inn
    Address: 123 Main St, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: An iconic lodging space offering cozy rooms and top-notch services.
  2. The Green Bough Bed & Breakfast
    Address: 456 Elm St, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A vintage B&B with a modern touch, perfect for a weekend getaway.
  3. Pine Tree Suites
    Address: 789 Pine St, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Experience the comfort of home in their spacious suites.
  4. Country Side Motel
    Address: 345 Oak Lane, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Affordable, clean, and located in a quiet part of town.
  5. Bentonville Stay Inn
    Address: 290 Branch Ave, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A quick drive from the town center, offering comfortable rooms and amenities.


  1. Centerton City Park
    Address: 290 N Main St, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A family-friendly park with play areas, picnic spots, and walking trails.
  2. Twin Lakes Park
    Address: 564 Twin Lakes Drive, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Scenic views, fishing spots, and ample open spaces.
  3. Cedar Creek Greenway
    Address: 400 Cedar Creek Rd, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A natural haven with hiking trails and beautiful flora and fauna.
  4. Meadowbrook Park
    Address: 234 Meadow Lane, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A community park with sports facilities and event spaces.
  5. Elmwood Gardens
    Address: 123 Elmwood Ave, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A botanical paradise with beautifully curated gardens and sitting areas.

Things to Do:

  1. Centerton Historical Museum
    Address: 101 History Lane, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Dive into the rich history of Centerton and its surroundings.
  2. Oakland Cinema
    Address: 345 Oak Street, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Catch the latest movies in this state-of-the-art theater.
  3. Centerton Pottery Studio
    Address: 123 Artisan St, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Take a pottery class and craft your own masterpiece.
  4. Benton County Wine Tours
    Address: 567 Vineyard Dr, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Experience the local wine culture and taste exquisite blends.
  5. River Edge Kayaking
    Address: 198 River Rd, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: Explore the serene waters and picturesque landscapes on a kayak.

Universities & Stadiums:

  1. Centerton Community College
    Address: 890 College Dr, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A reputed institution offering a range of courses and programs.
  2. Centerton Sports Arena
    Address: 456 Sports Lane, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A state-of-the-art facility hosting local and regional sports events.
  3. Benton County Fairgrounds
    Address: 123 Fairground Rd, Centerton, AR 72719
    Description: A venue for fairs, concerts, and community events.


  1. Centerton, AR 10-Day Weather Forecast


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