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A/C Installation & Replacement


At Kramer & Co., Mechanical, we provide comprehensive cooling solutions to fulfill your home's air conditioning requirements. When you choose our air conditioning services, you can trust our knowledge and experience to service your equipment efficiently.

Whether you're considering installing a new air conditioning system or replacing an existing unit, our HVAC company is here to assist you. We focus on ensuring your family's comfort and well-being through effective cooling solutions. With Kramer & Co. Mechanical, you make a practical choice for your air conditioning needs.

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Our Air Conditioning Replacement Services Include

  • Energy Saving Central Air Repair and Installation
  • Installation and Repair of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Energy Saving Smart Thermostats – System Installation and Replacement
  • Wireless Integration with Google Home or Alexa Smart Technology
  • Freon Leak Detection and Repair for Cooling Systems
  • Updating A/C to HCFC-free Systems To Adhere to Environmental Standards
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Expert Troubleshooting and Diagnosis for Cool Air Flow
  • Installation and Repair of Standard, Medium or High Capacity Air Filter Systems for Optimal Air Quality During Covid-19

We understand the importance of a well-functioning air conditioning system. Whether it's the sweltering heat of summer or the dry chill of winter, our comprehensive range of services ensures your home remains comfortable and safe all year round.

Why Choose Us?

Kramer & Co. Mechanical provides dependable A/C installation and replacement services to ensure your home remains comfortable during the hot months. With years of experience, our team is skilled in delivering efficient installations using trusted brands. Every home is different, so we begin with a thorough assessment to determine the right A/C system for your needs.

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward. No surprises. We also emphasize energy-efficient systems, which means long-term savings on your utility bills. Our services range from consultations to professional installations and system replacements. And after your new A/C is in place, we're here for any follow-up services or questions.

Reliable air conditioning is crucial for comfort, sleep, and daily life, especially in the heat. With Kramer & Co. Mechanical, you get quality service from professionals who prioritizing your needs. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help keep your home cool.


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Ready for a Cooler Home?

Don't let the summer heat compromise your comfort. With Kramer & Co. Mechanical, reliable and efficient A/C installation is just one call away. Take the first step towards a more comfortable home today. Contact us now and experience the difference of professional service. Your comfort is our priority. Act now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What signs indicate that I need a new A/C unit?

Typical signs include the system being older than 10-15 years, frequent repairs, rising energy bills, and inconsistent temperatures throughout the home.

How often should I replace my A/C system?

Most A/C systems last between 10-15 years. It's advisable to consider a replacement if your unit is in that age range and isn't cooling efficiently or requires frequent repairs.

What size A/C unit do I need for my home?

The ideal size depends on several factors like the size of your home, insulation quality, and local climate. Our technicians can provide an assessment to determine the right unit for your needs.

How long does the installation process typically take?

The duration of the installation process varies based on the type and complexity of the system. Typically, a standard installation can take a day, but more complex setups may require multiple days.

What happens if I encounter a problem with my newly installed A/C system?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you experience any issues with your new A/C system, please reach out to us immediately, and we'll arrange a service visit to address and rectify the problem.

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